Patricia A. Bowser Memorial Emergency Services Scholarship Application

Who can Apply?

Anyone who volunteers at a local fire department, EMS department or hospital facility.

High school seniors, planning to attend college in the Fall Semester and Current college students.

Click here to see the full guidelines for the Patricia A Bowser Memorial Emergency Services Scholarship.

Finished Applications can be mailed to:

Rod Bowser
Attn. Scholarship
P.O. Box 14
Friendsville, MD 21531


Jonathan Dayton
Attn: Scholarship
P.O Box 935
Frostburg, MD 21532

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Apply Online

You can now apply online for the Patricia A. Bowser Memorial Emergency Services Scholarship.  Please use the form below and complete all required information prior to submitting.  If you have any questions about the form, or the scholarship itself, please contact us here.  Thank you and good luck.



Colleges/Universities Planning to Attend

Ranked 1-5 and estimated cost per semester.

Name of Supervisor

Please List Additional Volunteer & Community Involvement

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    This can be anyone who has witnessed your progress through life, may include family.Max. file size: 50 MB.Max. file size: 50 MB.This could be a copy of membership card, any letter from organization where you volunteer, on company letterhead, and includes your name, service, and duties. If documentation can’t be provided, please include a contact name and number for verification. Max. file size: 50 MB.

    Volunteer Supervisor


    Everything stated above is true to the best of my knowledge. If any piece of this document is to be found false, the AGCVFRA Scholarship Committee has the right to terminate the scholarship application immediately and this applicant is no longer eligible to apply again within his/her secondary education. If you agree to this statement sign and date below.